About Us

Are you wondering who we are?!?! 

Well let's get to know one another... The Pockets Wallet Store was conceived in 2013 when we realized how DIFFICULT it could be to purchase quality wallets. Here we were five years ago struggling during Christmas time to find the perfect wallet to be used as a gift. We shopped at the mall, went to different department stores, discount stores, and even did a bit of online searching...but STILL had a pretty terrible time finding the perfect one.

Wallet shopping @ the mall can be the worst!

Most of the stores were pretty unorganized and had no clearly defined "Wallet Section." It was such a pain to sort through tons of wallets that had been picked over and thrown around. It was simply a headache!

Deabolar Classic Slim Bifold $26.99

Whenever we told "the wallet story" of how we had to search high and low to find the right option, we always heard the same thing... "ME TOO!" Come to find out, we weren't the only ones who found it tough to find the best wallets.

So we decided to become the SOLUTION to the problem and design a store where everyone could be CERTAIN that they would be able to find quality wallets readily available for purchase. Due to several wallet fiascoes during Christmas time, The Pockets Wallet Store was born!